Microphone Polar Patterns Explained

When you first start learning about microphones, or begin looking for a microphone to purchase, you’ll quickly run into what is called a microphone polar pattern. What is a Microphone Polar Pattern? A microphone polar pattern, which is also called a pickup pattern, describes a microphone’s sensitivity and rejection of sound in different directions around the microphone. These patterns are represented on 360-degree radius charts, which map out the directions in which a microphone best picks up sounds and rejects noise. In the

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Best Tripods for Vlogging in 2018

Using a tripod for your vlog is one of the best things you can do to improve its production value. However, picking out your first tripod can be a daunting endeavor. We’ve listed our favorite tripods below, which should help you find one that fits the unique needs of your vlog. Our picks for the best vlogging tripods of 2018 are broken down into five categories: Photo: Lightweight tripods that are best for static shots. Video: Fluid-head tripods meant for

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