How to Write a Good YouTube Description

YouTube descriptions serve two purposes: they help tell bots (aka “the algorithm”) what your video is about, and they help your viewers stay engaged with your brand (on YouTube and on other platforms). A good YouTube description length is 150 to 400 words. Descriptions that are too short aren’t helpful for users or bots. Descriptions that are too long can appear spammy or unhelpful.

VlogNerd Tip:

A good YouTube description length is 150 to 400 words.

Here are 5 simple steps to write a good YouTube description:

  1. Lead with the most important information or next step that a viewer should take. If your videos are part of a series, you could link to another video in the series. If your video is a product review, you could include a link to buy the product. You might want to ask viewers to subscribe or to follow you on Instagram.
  2. Include 50 to 150 words that summarize and describe your video. This text is helpful for viewers, but it’s primarily there for bots. You should use any important keywords or phrases in this description. For example, if I made a “How to Make Frosting’ video, my YouTube description might say “Learn how to make frosting, including basic icing, dark chocolate frosting, and my famous cream cheese frosting, which is perfect for cupcakes.” This description is good, because it’s written naturally, describes the video, and includes keywords (like “frosting”), without looking spammy or awkward.
  3. Link to a few more of your relevant videos. List a few more videos that viewers might like. Focus on your best, most relevant content for the subject matter of this video. This helps keep viewers engaged and helps train the Google recommendation algorithm, so your videos are suggested more often.
  4. Remind viewers to subscribe. It never hurts to remind viewers to like and subscribe.
  5. Add links to other platforms. It’s always a good idea to build your audience on other platforms, to help make sure you can always reach your core audience. Include a short bio (like 1 sentence) and link to social media (like Instagram), your website, or your merch store.

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